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About us

In 1992, Mario Vidori, a laic missionary from Lurate Caccivio in Como, Italy, founded the House of Marcelino Pan y Vino as an integrating part of “Progetto Amico” (Friend Project) aiming for the education of working children and teenagers known as NATs (from Spanish “niños y adolescentes trabajadores”). Through a pedagogy suited to their needs and demands people at Marcelino Pan y Vino work in order to create an environment in which NATs can develop their abilities and talents, and have the chance to play an important role in their families and society. Marcelino Pan y Vino Family House is located in Huamachuco, a small village on the Northern Peruvian Andes at 3,200 mts. above sea level; although it is of great historical and cultural value, this territory has been completely forgotten by the State and it is almost unreachable by tourist routes. Huamachuco has been growing lately as a metropolitan city, while at rural areas out of town their inhabitants live in extreme poverty. It is amidst this difficult situation that “Progetto Amico” works. The childhood condition is critical given that 73% of children between 6 to 9 years old suffer from starvation and the death rate among the newborn babies is 45%. The average number of persons per family is five, whom usually work the country fields. Very often, family incomes are not enough to fulfill their basic needs; in consequence, many children begin working at very early ages, from 6 to 14 years old. Out of the population in Huamachuco province, 10% are working minors. “Progetto Amico” was born to help working children and teenagers, but it is also committed to all the minors that live in poor and dangerous conditions.

Marcelino Pan y Vino in Italy

The “Progetto Amico Marcelino Pan y Vino Onlus” association has been established after ten years of supporting Mario Vidori’s projects. Among the main goals of he association, there is the economic support to the projects and long distance help for children and teenagers at Marcelino.