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NATs’ lives are greatly affected by negative and unfavorable factors such as poverty, which is usually compounded by a pooquality education or a total lack of access to it, family break ups that, at the same time, usually bring along mistreatment and abandonment.

In consequence, there is a need to rebuild their social sense by striving tenderness: trust and reciprocal affection lead to a self defense mechanism breakup and to a more self reliable person, who will be able to relate to others in the same tender way. What NATs need the most, is someone else’s caring and a chance for sharing.

It is important to consider NATs as children entitled to the same rights like any other child is; to give those children and teenagers a just value so they can move forward in life while becoming adults in a condition of fairness and equality, and to think of them as people in constant growing process.

NATs need to be guided by grown-up people who can offer them not only their presence, but also their personal commitment, thus, implying a philosophy of life. This is the choice made by the educators at “Marcelino Pan y Vino”, people who prepare themselves constantly to fulfill this difficult, but extremely important task. “It is through those children and teenagers that we have had the chance to experience how sacred every single human being is, and this discovery provide us with the impulse to protect and support their lives”.