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Alternative school Siembra-Tarpuy-Mita

This project promotes a rural school network in order to improve educational activities and to overcome social and economic inequality. The school, approved by the Ministry of Education, its a pilot project which proposal is well adapted to the needs of children and teenagers working and living in rural areas; it includes not only the different scholastic subjects such as mathematics, languages, etc., but also a more spiritual aspect for children to become conscious about NAT’s rights, achieving at the same time, a self esteem which leads them to be the protagonists of their own lives.

The project is articulated in three ways:

1. Working children and those coming from the furthest places from the district with no school, are welcomed at the House of Marcelino Pan y Vino (some of them walk even for three hours every day to get to the nearest house seat).

2. At the rural district of Sarin, the project is focused in alphabetizing teenagers and adults, in collaboration with the church.

3. In 2005, at Sanagoran, a school was opened in order to promote a NATs network so they may become active protagonists of their own stories.

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