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“Because a better world is possible!”

We are a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the human development of working infants, children, and teenagers in rural areas of Peru. Our community is committed to an education of freedom and, along with some similar organisations in Latin America and around the world, fights against oppression, injustice, and oblivion by proposing better choices and sustainable development for all.


To favor proposals towards the development for the rural areas in terms of political, economic, and cultural education, providing an active participation for infants, children, teenagers, and adults so they are engaged in the process of improving their own country, region, and city living conditions.


“Proyecto Amigo” (Friend Project), it’s a community for knowledge and critical profoundness which contributes not only in transforming real life experiences, but also in improving the politics on rural development towards an inclusive, equal, and quality education and for an efficient management of institutions and organizations dedicated to the development of the Andes Region. Such project is related to the community and to the social movements, which favor “an another possible world” proposal.

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